Angels Baseball: First Post

Angels Baseball is not just a sport for me to watch. It’s a passion in my life. I’ve been in Anaheim my whole life so far(born in 94), so it hasn’t been too long. But one thing that makes me want to stay here forever is to watch this team. My first game was the first year I was born, in 94 when my parents decided to get me into baseball. Funny thing is that my mom was a lifelong Dodgers fan when she had season tickets behind home plate in the 70’s and 80’s. My dad was a Bay area boy growing up watching players like Will Clark. So you may ask how did a child whose parents are Dodger and Giant fans?

 We live about 20 minutes away from the stadium so we would go to a few games a year during the lates 90’s. I got to see Chuck Finley while he was still a star for us and watching the beginning of the Salmon, Erstad, Anderson, Glaus era. Also got to watch Edmonds play and loved watching him in the outfield, who was later traded for Adam Kennedy. The 90’s are a bit of a distant memory for me, probably due to the fact that they just weren’t very good and the crowds were almost nonexistent. I was 6 when it hit the new century so I still wasn’t at the stage where I can remember everything that happened but I remember how the 2000 season was. An absolute killer lineup with 4 30+ hr guys and watching Erstad go bonkers with a .355 avg and 25 100 HR RBI line. As great as that offense was we had a terrible staff so those memories still don’t comeback too often. 2002 was obviously the year where I got really interested. What a magical year it was seeing us go from 6-14 to WS champs. I can distinctly remember where I was during that playoff run at my next door neighbors house full of red. My dad was rooting for the Giants at the time, but it changed over these last few years. I was so happy when we came backin game 6 and won in game 7, but I was 8 years old so I didn’t really get the significance of it. I wasn’t all too familiar with the infamous Donnie Moore game at the time, who Gene Autry was and all the painful years for Angels fans.

2004 is probably where I got serious about this team. We signed Vlad. The next 6 years were pretty incredible to watch him hit HR after HR off the dirt and continually change momentum with his swing. It honestly seemed like every game I would go to, Vlad was the hero. I have Vlad jerseys, shirts and pictures all over my room so it was tough for me to see him go. But now we have my favorite player Torii Hunter who continues to amaze me. I love his leadership, defense and his interviews. Great player to watch and excited to be able to see him play for 3 more years, atleast.

Going into the summer of 08, I knew my plan. I was at the stage where my parents were comfortable with me going to games with my friends alone. That’s where I went from big fan to diehard. I went to about 10 games that summer and haven’t looked back. Granted the end of that season wasn’t great, but it really hit me how incredible this team, organization, fans and stadium was. Signing Texiera was probably the most exciting thing that happened because I was truly aware of how good he was.

2009 was the year where I went from diehard to just flat out loving this team. I really got behind this team after the tragic death of Nick Adenhart and really enjoyed the year. I went to 33 games in all last year(3 playoff) and enjoyed every single game. I’m hoping this year will be just as successful as last year and hope to see a WS in SoCal.

Other things about myself:

Favorite All Time Angels Player: Torii Hunter

Top 5 Current Favorite Players: Hunter, Morales, Napoli, Santana, Kendrick

5 other Favorite Angels: Tim Salmon, Bobby Grich, Troy Glaus, Rod Carew, Nolan Ryan

Favorite Regular Season game: 2004 I believe, the Angels beat the Royals 21-5. Jeff DaVannon hits for cycle, Jose Molina GS.

Favorite PS game: Game 2 ALDS 2009. Realized we would finally beat Boston.


Hope everyone enjoys my blog and let’s hope for a great 2010 season. Go Angels!


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