What should the Angels do?



There isn’t much of anything the Angels can do right now. Firing Scioscia isn’t going to improve the horrific team ERA. It won’t help the Angels’ situational hitting. Firing Scioscia is basically placing the blame on 1 person when the entire team, coaching staff and front office should be at fault.


I’m a Scioscia supporter. I get the criticism he receives. His bullpen management is terrible at times. He plays certain players who shouldn’t receive any playing time. None of that matters so far. You can’t blame him for what we’ve seen so far this season. The team has played bad. Not Scioscia. Dipoto or Arte should be receiving more blame based on the high contracts they have given out and hence the lack of resources to address a very shaky rotation and bullpen.


Look, I’m all for a change with the coaching staff if this continues into June but a fire sale of the coaches isn’t going to do anything. A different voice won’t “spark” this team like many fans think will happen. The season just needs to play out. Let the players get out of this funk. This start has basically eliminated the Angels from the playoffs but this is still a good ball club, in my opinion. The pitching won’t be this bad. Hamilton won’t continue as one of the worst players in baseball. I, for one, will still continue to watch. I’ll continue watching Mike Trout blossom, Trumbo hit Trumbombs and Weaver pitch like the ace he is. There isn’t much to be excited for right now, granted, but it’s still Angels baseball and there is still a few players worth watching. I hope this season turns around quickly but I’m not expecting anything big. I’ll enjoy certain aspects of the game and not let the failures bother me. 


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