What to do?

Abysmal. Pitiful. Depressing.


Those words have described the Angels season so far. I’m as optimistic as it comes regarding my Angels but I’m absolutely pissed at this season so far. It’s unhealthy and foolish to let a team you can’t even control bring you down. I’ve invested so much time, so much energy, and so many emotions into this team over the years.


This season has been a huge sucker punch to the face for all Angels fans. After the disappointment of not reaching expectations of a tough 2012 season, Angels fans were ready to move onto 2013 with the hope that this team just needed a good start and would be a lock for the playoffs. Then the Angels signed slugger Josh Hamilton and people, once again, were crowning them preseason favorites to win the AL pennant.


I kept my expectations in check this year. 2012 should have been a magical year. That roster was loaded. Elite starters, the best player in baseball, the best right handed hitter in the past 50 years and tons of other above average players placed on 1 team should have been enough, right? A horrible start to the year and inconsistency late in the year killed what should have been a world series player. The year showed me that an offseason favorite, even as stacked as the Angels were, didn’t mean automatic success. I went into this season expecting near 90 wins but not a lock, or even close, but to be competitive. Lots of home runs hit by the Angels and against them was going to be the motto of the season.


Well, it’s much worse than that. Hamilton has been a monumental bust, carrying a mid .500’s OPS through 33 games. Pujols is showing signs of a huge, rapid decline along with a nagging case of plantar fasciitis. The pitching is even worse than anybody could have imagined. Injuries have hampered the team too. The Angels are 11-22. That’s no typo. They’re the 2nd worst team in baseball. It’s been a colossal failure and underperformance, to say the least.


What are you supposed to do as the GM now if you’re Jerry Dipoto? What does Arte do? Who gets fired? Better yet, what am I supposed to do as a fan?


I’ve supported this team through the best run in Angels history. I’ve supported them when they had a mediocre run from 2010-2012. I’m still supporting them now as much as I ever had but at what point do you stop caring so much and just ignore the failures? I’m a young fan. I never experienced the bad Angels years but it looks like I am witnessing what they were like now.


It’s still baseball. That’s the argument that people keep using. That may be true but good baseball is better than just baseball. It sucks seeing this team at this level. There is far too much talent on this team to be playing this horrible. I feel like I vented enough here. This is just the perspective of a very passionate and frustrated Angels fan. Image


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